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simplicity. functionality. beauty.

we're on a singular quest to create simple products that help you relax

mahabis ladies slippers with outdoor soles in autumn // about mahabis

Inspired by the everyday

the most mundane products can impact our daily well-being. we are driven by the belief that by improving these small everyday experiences, we can better the whole.

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walking outside in mahabis classic grey slipper with skien black detachable outdoor sole // about mahabis

Designed in London

we're based out of london, a place that for us captures the junction of many global roads. our product is quintessentially British, but carries the weight of global heritage.

close up of the mahabis logo and fastener on the back of the mahabis slippers // about mahabis

European at Heart

our slippers are made in portugal, with an italian sole. the european mindset carries the very heart of our brand, both in terms of heritage, style and functionality.

group of friends sat on a bench wearig theirs mahabis slippers with detachable outdoor soles // about mahabis

Appreciated by the world

with visitors from over one hundred and fifty countries, we ship to the far reaches of the globe. a new type of retail venture that aims to serve everyone, no matter where they are.

a luxury unisex slipper brand combining scandinavian design principles and european craftsmanship

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